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Skadate only $129

02/05/2016 05:45 AM | momo in Marketplace
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Hi all,
I am selling my Skadate licence for only $129.00
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Hi all,
I am selling my DatingScript Professional for only $60.00
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Hi there,
I am selling my theme for only $30
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Hey everyone,
It has been a while. I do not use my commercial VLD license and checked with Vlad and it can be sold. He can transfer to new owner. It will be necessary to pay $39.95 renewal fee for updates. I am looking for $80 for license. Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks, Brian
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Hello !
I am selling Premium VLDPersonals Premium Theme.
I will do integration.
I will sell only for one Owner. Won't sell multiple times.
Click Here to View Liver Preview
Email : sutharsan.neelambari @ gmail.com
Skype : n33lambari
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I am looking for a dating theme that I can use on all the domains i own, I just want something light looks nice and works good.
Easy to manage for a newbe would also be Great and all the seo things in it etc ,,,
I will pay no problem for help and set up and even work on a profit sharing if they make any thing.
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Datingscriptforum.com Launched !!!
Sale, purchase and post doubts about dating scripts.
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I am the developer of a clients site and I want to set it up so they cannot see my new SuperAdmin account. I do not want them to be able to edit my account or edit the features that I have set for the new SuperAdmin group.
How can I set this up?
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Normally cost 285$ + 49$ for integration kit for vldpersonal,
My price is 230$, if you buy it with vld license which i sell, i ll make discount - 200$ ;)
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