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Seems that vldcrowd has become a dream for spammers.
have not been here for a long time now and when I logged in, I see.
Seems that this site has been abandoned and no activity at all.
sad because when the previous owner took care of the site was a hive of activity here.
I say hello to all my friends here and feel free to comment ;)
wish you all luck and success of your vldpersonals projects.
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Dating & Marriage Logo

05/16/2015 08:41 AM | rombest in Templates
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We do not offer a english version (unless on matrimo.com ), we wonder if our logo is fine enough on our Romanian marriage website http://www.casatorie.ro // casatorie means marriage or wedding in Romanian // and it is very good and serious keyword domain name.
Actually we herited this logo from the previous owner. In your opinion, should we keep this logo or should we change it ? It seems nice but quite big...
Thank you.
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Hi Guys,
Prices as below if any interest please let me know.
VLDpersonals Commercial Licence: $100
Customised Template with UK/USA/Canada zip codes installed with 320+ real USA/UK/Canada based members: $150
Just over 1year old domain + 250 USA/UK/Canada based facebook fans+ USA/UK based 68 twitter followers: $150
Any interest please let me know.
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Hi Guys,
Prices as below if any interest please let me know.
VLDpersonals Commercial Licence + Entire website including domain + over 300 members+ over 1 year old domain + 250 USA/UK/Canada based facebook fans+ USA/UK based 68 twitter followers for $400
If you want to buy the licence only it is $100.
Any interest please let me know.
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VLD Website for sale!

06/22/2014 09:54 AM | meloniaa in Marketplace
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Hello I am selling website www.MeetUpWithYou.com with it's members database included. Serious inquiries only, best offer!
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Hi there,
I am selling my theme for only $30
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Events play a large part in my site. Currently the Admin adds events and members can sign up to them.
I would also like members to be able to invite other members to one of these events.
I noticed this was suggested as a feature a couple of years back but from what I can see nothing was ever updated. Has anyone managed to achieve something like this already? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how I could go about implementing it.
I'm thinking something along the lines of:
Member visits someones profile page.
Link on page 'Invite to Event'.
Choose event from list of upcoming events.
Creates new message to the user, with default text '<username> has invited you to attend the event <event name> on <event date>.
Message also includes 'Click here to sign up' which is a link to the signup page for that event.
Send message.
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Hello. I have a site based on vldpersonals and I am going to migrate to DatingScript.
My site it's for free and I just reached 40.000 members.
It's a long time I would like to get in touch with other webmasters who use vldpersonals and/or DatingScript and have reached thousands of members.
We can create a little private group and share our experiences about SEO strategies, email marketing, earning money with advertising and a lot of other interesting things related to dating sites managing.
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Nonsense Entries

12/14/2014 08:12 AM | prysma in General
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Does nobody look after those nonsense entries in this blog?
SYSOP / ADMIN: Have a look at page 2, 3 and later.
Unattended Mode? *lol
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help help vldPersonals 2.7

02/25/2014 06:15 AM | ramgam in General
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Hi Friends throw off my email vldpersonals 2.7 and Russian localization. I have a account in vldpersonals but do not want to renew. and the files are not available (((sorry for my English my e-mail ramgam78@mail.ru
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