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it seems like SkadateX has replace the Lite and Master version using Oxwall platform & plugins. But comparing the free oxwall script with the oxwall skadateX version for $399 dollar one, is not much of a difference. What do you guys think?
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Seeking programmer to create facebook connect to vldpersonals.
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Member group mod

08/14/2014 10:35 PM | Starlet in Tutorials/Mods
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I need a programmer that can create a mod to add additional member groups to my integrated phpbb.
I need paid members to be in a separate group from regular members, same with banned.
Thank you
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I am selling DatindScript Proffesional + domain name = $180
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I am currently using vld 2.7 and template primo amore. Looking for a freelancer who will do some changes in the script:
- Removal of the advertisement from main page (ad should be displayed only when logging in)
- Enabling language choices on the main page without authorization on the site
- Help set the display of search results - according to the specified location.
Please send offers.
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Send photo as a private message attachment
Custom mod - When send private messages can attach pictute to message.
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Im selling multiple vldpersonals licences:
-3 vldPersonals - Commercial license
-1 unlimited vldPersonals - Commercial license
Price per each commercial licence is 100 $ and 500$ for the unlimited one and the payment can be made via Paypal.
The reason im selling them is because i got absorbed into another project.
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VLD Website for sale!

06/22/2014 09:54 AM | meloniaa in Marketplace
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Hello I am selling website www.MeetUpWithYou.com with it's members database included. Serious inquiries only, best offer!
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Selling a module to accept payments via Stripe.com. The module has advanced testing and debugging features. Free help with installation on your server. $199
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Custom mods available

04/05/2014 03:22 AM | dael24 in General
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I have some custom mods for sale if anybody is interested.
The mods are for 2.7
- Categorize news and show related news from same category. View this live at: http://www.matchebony.com/dating-advice, check category with multiple post like online dating. Category dropdown menu available. Also other features can be categorised. - $79
- Seo friendly custom url for pages/news/blogs etc. Check news: http://www.matchebony.com/dating-advice/ pages: http://www.matchebony.com/black-singles/dating-site/safe-online-dating/ - $59
- Send photo as a private message attachment. (opens in a lightbox) Demo can be arranged. - $39
- Show total fans/ faces. For e.g. give members a little teaser and display few fans or just display the number of how many fans they have and they need to subscribe if they want to see who they are - extension $29
- Display how many photos a member have total - $19
- Cancellation form + Email. When member wants to cancel their account, they fill in a form with questions of your choice, they click cancel - form is sent to admin, their profile is put to cancelled group and an email confirmation is sent to the members email (optional). - $59
- Put profile offline + Email (just like okcupid.com). Next time the member logs in they'll be back to regular members group. - $39
- Blog enhancement. View at http://www.matchebony.com/blogs/ $49 (includes all blog related pages and blog extension)
- Bonus credits with upgrade - $29
- Responsive logout page. http://www.matchebony.com/black-singles/dating/logout/ with the same look $39 customised $89
I don't have all these mods installed on MatchEbony some are still on my local host but if you are interested I can provide screen shots. I have some signup/country restriction so if you want to check the site out I can provide you demo account login info.
Installation service is available for $15 per mod. I can also do web site customisation, landing pages and graphic design.
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