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Mobile template @ LuvPoint

01/20/2011 02:45 AM | inatmo in Templates
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Good day.
I would like to announce a new template which will turn your vldPersonals into a mobile website.
LPMobile: live demo | more info
Grab your iPhones and check it.
It is a perfect base for you to start. Cut off as much as you want or leave it like this.
Following features have been cut off: videos, audio, events, chat.
Everything else works as it should work.
Please note that its width has been reduced to 320px in demo. It is described in the documentation how to set 100% width, so the template will take the entire width of the mobile screen.
It has all the features of a standard template.
Let me know what you think.
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The following are instructions for the CUSTOM PAGE COMMENT MOD. Tested on and being used on vldPersonals 2.5.3 at http://www.filipina-lady.net.
You can find out more about vldCrowd mods at: http://www.vldcrowd.com/
With this mod you can add a comment section to your custom pages. You also have the option to NOT add comments to a custom page. For example, you may NOT want to add comments to your TOS custom page but may want to have comments for a custom page you created on a topic you want feedback or discussion on. A great way to let your members interact with your custom pages and to create more content for google to index.
Backing up is always recommended before making changes to current site.
To download the files needed click http://www.filipina-lady.net/test253/CUS_COM_page.zip
After download, unzip folder. You may want to take your site off line while making changes.
COPY THE FOLLOWING DOWNLOADED FILES TO YOUR SITE ACCORDING TO THE FOLDER STRUCTURE BELOW. The dowloaded files will either replace or be additional files. Recommend backing up original files if being replaced.
SQL UPDATE. You must make changes to your vldPersonals database for this mod to work. If you do not know how to make a sql query, recommend you do not install this mod. Recommend backing up your database before making changes.
NOTE: Do the following sql queries one by one.
CREATE TABLE `vld_pages_comments` (
 `comment_id` bigint(12) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `page_id` int(9) unsigned NOT NULL,
 `poster_id` int(9) unsigned NOT NULL,
 `body` text NOT NULL,
 `postdate` int(9) unsigned NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY (`comment_id`),
 KEY `page_id` (`page_id`),
 KEY `poster_id` (`poster_id`)
INSERT INTO `vld_settings_groups` ( `group_id` , `label` , `orderid` )
'', 'pages', '67'
INSERT INTO `vld_settings` VALUES ('', 'boolean', 'enable_page_comments', '1', 1, 'pages', 'comments');
INSERT INTO `vld_settings` VALUES ('', 'number', 'pages_comment_max_length', '500', 2, 'pages', 'comments');
INSERT INTO `vld_settings` VALUES ('', 'number', 'pages_comments_per_page', '8', 3, 'pages', 'comments');
INSERT INTO `vld_settings` VALUES ('', 'boolean', 'pages_comments_captcha', '1', 4, 'pages', 'comments');
INSERT INTO `vld_settings_subgroups` ( `subgroup_id` , `group_id` , `label` , `orderid` )
'', 'pages', 'comments', '1'

Add the following to lang.lib.pages.php
"total_comments" =>
"add_comment" =>
"Add comment",
"comments" =>
"comments_list" =>
"submit" =>
"verify_number" =>
"Verification number",
"empty_comment_body" =>
"Comment cannot be empty.",
"comment_saved" =>
"Comment has been successfully added.",
"comment_too_long" =>
"Comment cannot exceed %max% characters.",
"comments_not_allowed" =>
"Comments are not allowed for this page.",
"invalid_catcha" =>
"Invalid verification number.",
Add the following to lang.cp.pages.php
"app_comments" =>
"app_comments_edit" =>
"Edit comment",
"nav_comments" =>
"nav_comments_edit" =>
"Edit comment",
"edit_comment" =>
"Edit comment",
"comments" =>
"delete_comment" =>
"Delete comment",
"delete_comment?" =>
"Are you sure you want to delete this comment?",
"allow_comments" =>
"Enable comments",
"comments_off" =>
"comment" =>
"view" =>
"author" =>
"postdate" =>
"Post date",
Make the following changes to includes/hp/hp.comments.php
$type = isset($_POST['type']) && in_array($_POST['type'], array('blog','picture','video','event','news')) ? trim($_POST['type']) : '';
$type = isset($_POST['type']) && in_array($_POST['type'], array('blog','picture','video','event','news','page')) ? trim($_POST['type']) : '';




If you created external custom pages, you may have to re-create custom pages to use the new page_default.tpl. That is what I had to do. But it was easy. All I did was copy the content and pasted it in the new external template (rename your external template, do not overwrite page_default.tpl).
There are plenty of instructions on the forum on how to create both a custom page from the CP or an external custom page.
Here is a link to one of my older posts you can use as a guide to understand the difference between custom pages created in the CP and external custom pages: http://www.vldpersonals.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2656
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I am running a version 2.7 site with a Luv Point theme installed, and need the customizations listed below for my site. Please message me if you're available and I can provide you with more details, screenshots, and mockups.
1. I would like to make the entire site full width; no sidebar
2. I would like to customize the account homepage: (/account/home/) by making a few additions. Also, to have it so that when users are logged in, the main homepage (mysite.com) redirects to the account homepage (mysite.com/account/home/)
3. When a user is logged in, I would like the profile pictures of members of the opposite gender to appear in the top right corner of each page, linking to the profile. This would be dynamic and different profiles would appear whenever a page is reloaded.
4. I would like to create a logged out landing page that is similar to the current log in page but with a few additions.
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Hi there,
I am selling my theme for only $30
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Hi all,
I am selling my DatingScript Professional for only $80.00
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Skadate only $149

10/15/2014 01:33 AM | momo in Marketplace
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Hi all,
I am selling my Skadate licence for only $149.00
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Thanks or Like mod !

09/24/2014 01:29 AM | Padeee in General
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We all read some blogs and because of tiredness or being lazy or simply not having enough time , we never bother ourselves to comment on those blogs , or even just to type one single word ( Thanks ) for the publisher .
Therefor I created Thanks or Like mod !
This mod's abilities are as below :
1. Each member can only vote once and after that will get a message that you're vote has been counted.
2. Members are not able to vote for their own blogs as the Like button is not available .
3. When member clicked on the Like button for the first time , will get a Thanks for voting message and can see the new Like number .
4. If members liked a blog , under that blog one line will appear and showing the number of members who liked the blog and by clicking this message one collapsing menue will appear and will show the voted members usernames wich are linked to their profile .
5. By clicking the message again the usernames menu will disappear again .
6. If a blog doesn't have any vote's , then the message that showing number of members who liked the blog , is hidden and the only thing which you can see is the Like button.
Just to make you sure , when you are viewing a member's blog , you are only able to see the number of people who liked the blog and the voter's usernames will only opened when you click on the message that shows the number of members...
This mod will encourage your members to publish better blogs to have more Liked votes.
Would be glad to answer any questions you might have .
This is a paid mod ($40) and those who are interested please let me know by sending me a message.

Best Regards
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Blog Editor for your members!

09/24/2014 01:25 AM | Padeee in General
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With this mod your members will get the ability to add pictures by inserting picture's link and links and change font size and also font colors in thier blogs securly .
Some of the new abilities are Text Align center and right , adding codes and qoutes plus ability to add youtube video clips in blogs .
Those who bought this mod before will get the update version free of charge and I would like to thank them for the support .
For details of this blog editor , please check the detailed picture .
This is a paid mod ($50) and you can see the action in picture .
If you have any questions or requests , please feel free to send me a message.
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I bought VLDPersonals Commercial License and Luvpoint Primo Amore Theme a few months ago. Nowadays I am very busy other works and sell these script and theme
VLDPersonals Commercial License: 100 USD
Luvpoint Primo Amore Theme 25 USD
Both of them: 120 USD
Email: logimon@gmail.com
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contact email unmasked79@mynet.com
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