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I'm looking to a buy a datingscript license if anyone looking to sell one. Please contact me if you have a datingscript you're looking to sell.
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I think that $39 for a half year of datingscript updates is much to much.
If anybody has the newest update (1.2.7) - share it with me and I will pay $15 for it (paypal)
Contact: geddi@gmx.net
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1. eine aktuelle vldPersonals Professional Lizenz + zwei TOP-LEVEL-DOMAINS
2. www.Singlekoenig.de
3. www.Singlekönig.de
zum Preis von sage und schreibe 599,- Euro
Damit startest Du dein erfolgreiches Partnerbörsen-Business
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im Preis enthalten: 1 x Datingscript Professional Lizenz und die Übertragung des Doaminnamens "www.Romantik-Love.de" mit allen Rechten.
Preis 399,- Euro / paypal
Bei Interesse melden unter: geddi@gmx.net
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I m selling 2 Professional Licences for DatingScript. One of them has future updates and support for 1 year activated.
Both of them has the "copyright removal" addon.
The original price of all together was:
2 Professional Licences: 399,90 USD
12 months support addon: 79,90 USD
2 copyright removal addons: 59,90 USD
ORIGINAL Price: 539,70
I m selling this for 50% off => 269 USD
Please contact me here. Thanks!
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Custom works PM me

05/01/2017 05:46 PM | unkelo in Marketplace
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Custom works PM me
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Looking for unlimited license used ,-)
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I buy 10 links from dating sites or related to dating.
I can pay 5$ by paypal. One link by each site. No transaction from adult sites.
Your site have at least 200 members.
Send me your site address, to arw256@yahoo.com and i will replay.
Thank you.
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As title says, I am looking to buy a Thay Language pack to use with VLD 2.7.2
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