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Hey everyone,
It has been a while. I do not use my commercial VLD license and checked with Vlad and it can be sold. He can transfer to new owner. It will be necessary to pay $39.95 renewal fee for updates. I am looking for $80 for license. Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks, Brian
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Seems that vldcrowd has become a dream for spammers.
have not been here for a long time now and when I logged in, I see.
Seems that this site has been abandoned and no activity at all.
sad because when the previous owner took care of the site was a hive of activity here.
I say hello to all my friends here and feel free to comment ;)
wish you all luck and success of your vldpersonals projects.
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Hello, i search for the plugin "login as a user"for vld2.7
..or an other good moderator plugin..
i will read messeges from all users and answere as a user...ideas??
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Nonsense Entries

12/14/2014 08:12 AM | prysma in General
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Does nobody look after those nonsense entries in this blog?
SYSOP / ADMIN: Have a look at page 2, 3 and later.
Unattended Mode? *lol
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2 yeart hosting from ipage for 20€
2 yeart hosting from ipage for 20€
2 yeart hosting from ipage for 20€
2 yeart hosting from ipage for 20€
Contact me at ssassam@hotmail.fr
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Hi Guys,
I'm selling :
DatingScript Licence + 4 template web & mobiles
with domaine: www.trouvelove.com
If any interest please let me know.
Any interest please let me know.
Contacte adresse : ssassam@hotmail.fr
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Hi Guys,
Prices as below if any interest please let me know.
VLDpersonals Commercial Licence + Entire website including domain + over 300 members+ over 1 year old domain + 250 USA/UK/Canada based facebook fans+ USA/UK based 68 twitter followers for $400
If you want to buy the licence only it is $100.
Any interest please let me know.
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Hi Guys,
Prices as below if any interest please let me know.
VLDpersonals Commercial Licence: $100
Customised Template with UK/USA/Canada zip codes installed with 320+ real USA/UK/Canada based members: $150
Just over 1year old domain + 250 USA/UK/Canada based facebook fans+ USA/UK based 68 twitter followers: $150
Any interest please let me know.
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Thanks or Like mod !

09/24/2014 01:29 AM | Padeee in General
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We all read some blogs and because of tiredness or being lazy or simply not having enough time , we never bother ourselves to comment on those blogs , or even just to type one single word ( Thanks ) for the publisher .
Therefor I created Thanks or Like mod !
This mod's abilities are as below :
1. Each member can only vote once and after that will get a message that you're vote has been counted.
2. Members are not able to vote for their own blogs as the Like button is not available .
3. When member clicked on the Like button for the first time , will get a Thanks for voting message and can see the new Like number .
4. If members liked a blog , under that blog one line will appear and showing the number of members who liked the blog and by clicking this message one collapsing menue will appear and will show the voted members usernames wich are linked to their profile .
5. By clicking the message again the usernames menu will disappear again .
6. If a blog doesn't have any vote's , then the message that showing number of members who liked the blog , is hidden and the only thing which you can see is the Like button.
Just to make you sure , when you are viewing a member's blog , you are only able to see the number of people who liked the blog and the voter's usernames will only opened when you click on the message that shows the number of members...
This mod will encourage your members to publish better blogs to have more Liked votes.
Would be glad to answer any questions you might have .
This is a paid mod ($40) and those who are interested please let me know by sending me a message.

Best Regards
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