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Looking for buy datingscript business license for cheap. must show proof of ownership.
Send offers ajchimera@gmail.com
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I am seeking any and all LUVpoint themes for VLD personals and DatingScript.
Let me know what you have, assure they are transferrable and what you want for them.
In particular I want TheClub theme for VLD personals ASAP.
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Seen here: http://vldpersonals-themes.com/
Id like to see a user login demo if this before I drop $$$ on it.
Maybe someone has it for sale?
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I need a commercial license. It must be verified as transferrable through VLD personals. I will need your email address to contact them as see if it is transferrable. You will also need to contact them and request the transfer.
ASAP Payment via PayPal right away after verification
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02/13/2016 06:54 AM | samirosanna in General
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Has anyone integrated or Ajaxified his/her Vldpersonals site? I need ajax technology like when sending messages so that a user may not need to refresh the page.
I need a developer for this problem if there a mod for sale please contact me and let's agree
my language italian arabic sorry for my bad inglish
contact samirosanna@msn.com
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I am looking for a dating theme that I can use on all the domains i own, I just want something light looks nice and works good.
Easy to manage for a newbe would also be Great and all the seo things in it etc ,,,
I will pay no problem for help and set up and even work on a profit sharing if they make any thing.
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Hey everyone,
It has been a while. I do not use my commercial VLD license and checked with Vlad and it can be sold. He can transfer to new owner. It will be necessary to pay $39.95 renewal fee for updates. I am looking for $80 for license. Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks, Brian
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Seems that vldcrowd has become a dream for spammers.
have not been here for a long time now and when I logged in, I see.
Seems that this site has been abandoned and no activity at all.
sad because when the previous owner took care of the site was a hive of activity here.
I say hello to all my friends here and feel free to comment ;)
wish you all luck and success of your vldpersonals projects.
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Hello, i search for the plugin "login as a user"for vld2.7
..or an other good moderator plugin..
i will read messeges from all users and answere as a user...ideas??
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