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VLD Personals Admin Area

05/02/2017 01:52 PM | Kenster in Q&A
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Hi Guys i have been looking at doing a new theme for the admin area, creating a whole new login page gives an error 500 even though its just a TPL, any Idea's?
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Is this the end of VLDpersonals?

11/16/2016 12:49 AM | prysma in Q&A
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Hi guys,
i´m wondering what happens, when our providers will switch to PHP 7 versions. Will there be an update of VLDpersonals? Or is there an other method to keep the scripts alive?
Any idea?
This is what VLDpersonals tells customers in their "Presale-Section":
Will I have access to vldPersonals source code?
Yes. We designed vldPersonals to be easy to customize and we believe this is one of its main advantages. When you purchase a license you will have complete access to the source code with an exception of 5 non-essential files that are encoded for security purposes and to prevent piracy. They will in no way affect your ability to customize the software and template files.

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10/31/2016 12:17 PM | cupidon in Q&A
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In this blog page I want to speak about CUPIDON. Do you know who is Cupidon? What about www.cupidon.ro ?
As I updated my website to the new technologies, I still hesitate what dating script to use on my matrimonial website here in Romania. The domain name cupidon.ro was registered long time ago in 1996.
For now I use Dating Script I am 90% satisfied, but as i found out that VLDPersonals it is a good dating script too, better for SEO maybe but do not contains responsive templates.
What other dating scripts, sure other then our preferred DS nd VLD, are you suing for your dating websites?
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Native iOS/Android Applications

05/31/2016 09:28 PM | mr_roboto in Q&A
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Has anyone pursued getting native Apple or Android products developed for their VLDPersonals based dating site?
I've seen a lot of apps that encapsulate the mobile web version of VLDPersonals within a webpage in the phone/tablet app itself, but have found them to be not as snappy/responsive as would be a natively developed app.
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Hot Or Not Edit Filters

01/08/2014 01:43 PM | robdev in Q&A
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Am customising my hot or not, I don't want the filters to show different countries, as my site is restricted to one country only, so I want it to filter by city instead.
I've looked in lib.hotornot,php and hotornot.tpl in my templates but can't find where it's telling the filter to display by country so I can change that code to show cities instead.
Any help would be appreciated!
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help with frame phpbb3

09/12/2013 11:45 AM | dudi in Q&A
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I have a problem with vld
the frame of the forum is no longer displayed. I have a blank page.
this was my first script with functional vld version 2.7 (the version came from 2011) I have new version 2.7 (2013) buy and took over the old database. why does it not?
can someone help me?
<!-- INCLUDE header2.tpl -->
<!-- IF loggedin --> <div class="box1"> <div class="homepage">
<h3 class="members members_list_tabs">
<a href="#" onclick="switch_boxes('members_list','members_on',1);return false;" class="members_on_tab">Mitglieder Online</a>
<a href="#" onclick="switch_boxes('members_list','members_new',1);return false;" class="members_new_tab">{lang:"core","home_latest_members"}</a>
<a href="#" onclick="switch_boxes('members_list','members_popular',1);return false;" class="members_popular_tab">{lang:"core","home_popular_members"}</a>
<div class="block members">
<div class="members_list members_on">
{members:limit=10,photos=,cache_time=1,cache_name="onlineusern" ,online="1"}
<div class="members_list members_new" style="display: none;">
<div class="members_list members_popular" style="display: none;>
</div> </div> </div>
<div class="homepage">
<div class="box2">
<div class="sidebox_wrap">
<h5><span>Menu</span></h5> <div class="sidebox">
<div class="banner">{banners:group="menu"}
</div> </div> </div> </div> </div>
<!-- ENDIF -->
<div class="clear"></div>
<div class="header_wrap">
<div class="location_wrap">
<div class="location">
<!-- IF hide_content != "1" -->
<li><a href="{virtual_path}{page_link}">{app_page}</a></li>
<!-- ELSE -->
<!-- ENDIF -->
<div class="options_wrap">
<div class="title">
<div class="clear"></div>
<div class="clear"></div>
<!-- INCLUDE message.tpl -->
<!-- IF hide_content != "1" -->
<div class="outter page_default">
<div class="typepage">
<div class="dataitem single">
<div class="entry">
<iframe width="100%" id="iframe_id" name="iframe_name" src="http://mylink/phpb3/" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" ALLOWTRANSPARENCY="true" onload=resize_iframe();></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
function resize_iframe(){
document.getElementById("iframe_id").height="" // required for Moz bug, value can be "", null, or integer
// -->
<div class="clear"></div>
<!-- IF settings.enable_page_comments AND page_allow_comments -->
<div class="comments page_pages_comments">
<div class="subtitle">
<div class="progress" id="get_comments_progress"></div>
<div id="comments_page">
<!-- IF loggedin == "1" -->
<div class="commentsform page_pages_comments_submit">
<div class="dataitem single">
<div class="form">
<form name="edit" method="post" action="">
<div class="fieldset">
<dl class="fieldset">
<dt><label for="field_comment_body">{lang:"pages","add_comment"}</label></dt>
<dd><textarea class="textarea textarea_full" id="field_comment_body" cols="40" rows="5" name="body">{comment_body}</textarea></dd>
<!-- IF settings.pages_comments_captcha -->
<dt><label for="field_captcha">{lang:"pages","verify_number"}</label></dt>
<input type="text" id="field_captcha" class="text captcha" name="captcha" maxlength="5" />
<img src="{virtual_path}includes/fns/fns.captcha.php" alt="" border="0" class="captcha" /><div class="clear"></div>
<!-- ENDIF -->
<dd class="submit"><input class="submit" type="submit" name="submit" value="{lang:"pages","submit"}" /></dd>
<input type="hidden" name="iscomment" value="1" />
<!-- ENDIF -->
<div class="clear"></div>
<!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- INCLUDE footer.tpl -->
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Browser caching

08/12/2013 02:05 AM | transbetty in Q&A
1318 0 2 View Entry
does anyone set cache headers for static content and if yes, how?
I think this can significantly improve loading and Google SERPs of any VLD website.
Thanks, Betty
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edit adress member blog

07/31/2013 07:18 AM | pedibogy in Q&A
1261 0 0 View Entry
How can I change my Adress member Blogs
member/member_id/blog/blog_id/title blog/
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Link directly to a search result!

06/05/2013 02:44 AM | Czelly in Q&A
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Dear Community!
I have another problem on my site! I tried to search for this problem via google and I also found a few topics and they describe exactly what I need but it is not working!
Maybe someone here can help me out!
I included a custom drop down menu on my VLD page! At the drop down menu I want to give my users the possibility to choose "Country" and a drop-down menu with a few countries appears!
Now I want to link every country to a specific search result!
For example: When a user clicks on "Austria" he should be directed to the search results where he can see all users who live in Austria. I do not know why this is so hard to implement. Here is waht I´ve tried so far:
My link looks like this:
I always get a "No profiles were found" when I click on this link at my site but that is not possible because I have a few members within this country. The ID for the profile field in my database is 20 so I think I made everything correct.
Can someone please tell me what the link should look like so that the link is working?
Is that direct linking even possible with vldpersonals?
Please let me know!
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Change Profile View - help needed!

06/04/2013 12:53 AM | Czelly in Q&A
16660 0 2 View Entry
Hey Guys!
Everyone knows the current view of the profile page right now!
You have tabs on the top where you can switch through the different custom fields you have created.
Well I would like that everything will be shown on the first page when you visit someone`s profile! I do not want to have the tabs at the top.
I already found the file and line of code but I have no idea how to change this.
The file is: member_profile.tpl
The code should start here:
<!-- BEGIN profile_groups -->
<li><a href="javascript:void(0)" id="profile_data_{rowcnt}_tab" onclick="switch_tabs('profile_data', {rowcnt}, 0, 1)">{group_name}</a></li>
<!-- END profile_groups -->

Can someone help me out and let me know what the code of the member_profile.tpl should look like so that I have my personal view from the profile page?
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