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Hi all,
For my new site I would like to use the premium template which is for sale at http://vldthemes.com/. Unfortunately my money is running low and I am looking for a cheaper version.
Do you wish to sell your theme? (No illegal stuff please)
Thanks, upfriends.
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Dating & Marriage Logo

05/16/2015 08:41 AM | rombest in Templates
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We do not offer a english version (unless on matrimo.com ), we wonder if our logo is fine enough on our Romanian marriage website http://www.casatorie.ro // casatorie means marriage or wedding in Romanian // and it is very good and serious keyword domain name.
Actually we herited this logo from the previous owner. In your opinion, should we keep this logo or should we change it ? It seems nice but quite big...
Thank you.
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problem with {video} tag

01/09/2015 08:50 AM | eggdrop in Templates
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hi there!
i have vldpersonals 2.7 . When i trying to put {videos} tag in homepage.tpl - i've got nothing.
Maybe someone of you already know how to fix this problem?
Any help would be appreciate. Thanks!
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Use a template from luvpoint or vldpersonal and try this: Login as a member - push "network" with your finger and you can not select visitors etc. because when you put your finger on "network" you go to -> http://demo.vldpersonals.com/account/friends/ - you dont get the option to select
from the submenu: Favorites - Visitors - Blocked.
I think we need to remove toplink from: Profile - Messages - Media - Apps - Network - Settings
and only use the sub/dropdown links. Any one knows how to do this?
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Hello !
I am selling Premium VLDPersonals Premium Theme.
I will do integration.
I will sell only for one Owner. Won't sell multiple times.
Click Here to View Liver Preview
Email : sutharsan.neelambari @ gmail.com
Skype : n33lambari
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New template for DatingScript - PureLove. http://www.luvpoint.com/pure-love/
Do not forget to check the demo. The template is beautiful and superfast.
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I'm not a programmer. I have purchase template: Primoamore from luvpoint.com. How do I
change the members displayed in the carousel area of the primoamore homepage so it displays "featured" members?
I understood the instruction on how display featured members on homepage for vldpersonals by
following directions on: vldpersonals mode to display featured member on homepage...
because it was explained with diagrams showing the new code and where it belongs. I have no clue on how to do this on Primoamore.
How do I change the members displayed in the carousel area of the primoamore homepage so it displays "featured" members?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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New template "PrimoAmore" is available at luvpoint.com.
Nothing much to say - you should definitely check the demo at: http://live.luvpoint.com/?template=primoamore_ds
Best wishes!
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NightLuv DatingScript

03/01/2013 08:35 PM | inatmo in Templates
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NightLuv for DatingScript has been added to Luvpoint.com.
Demonstration is available at http://live.luvpoint.com/
If you own this template already - just download it using your login/password.
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Looking to buy a template

02/17/2013 06:58 PM | Summer in Templates
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I have had a look at some of the templates on luvpoint and like one or two.
I would like to buy one, have it install, slightly redesign and customised for my needs.
Is anyone here familiar enough with the software to offer a quick turnaround?
Thank you
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