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I hate upsetting my users that's why my member_sectios_links.tpl usually looks like this:
<!-- IF settings.enable_blogs AND member_total_blogs > "0" -->
<li><a href="{virtual_path}{member_blog_link}" <!-- IF active_module == "member_blog" OR active_module == "member_blog_entry" -->class="active"<!-- ENDIF -->>{lang:"member","frm_blog"} ({member_total_blogs})</a></li>
<!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- IF settings.enable_videos AND member_total_videos > "0" -->
<li><a href="{virtual_path}{member_videos_link}" <!-- IF active_module == "member_videos" OR active_module == "member_videos_view" -->class="active"<!-- ENDIF -->>{lang:"member","frm_videos"} ({member_total_videos})</a></li>
<!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- IF settings.enable_friends AND member_total_friends > "0" -->
<li><a href="{virtual_path}{member_friends_link}" <!-- IF active_module == "member_friends" -->class="active"<!-- ENDIF -->>{lang:"member","frm_friends"} ({member_total_friends})</a></li>
<!-- ENDIF -->
As you have probably noticed on this site visiting anybody's profile you see only those links having content and number of containing objects in brackets.
Thus members of the site rarely see that annoying message "Member did not add any videos (albums|blog entries|friends|guestbooks etc.) yet."
You can manage links of the albums, events, audio using the same way.
Unfortunately there is no template variable returning number of pictures when you need it most having old-style pictures enabled.



  • Posted on 07/03/2009 02:53 AM
thanks radioact


  • Posted on 07/02/2009 06:48 PM
Use member_total_blogs instead please.


  • Posted on 07/02/2009 02:58 PM
member_total_blog_entries does not work for me :(


  • Posted on 06/07/2009 11:46 AM
Thanks Ramil....I think I got it. I will have to book mark this page and test it out on my test site.

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