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Today, Yesterday, 07/07/2009

06/18/2009 09:07 AM
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Applicable to vldP version 2.5.*
You probably noticed that we have human friendly dates formatting here.
You can get the same to your websites if you take my get_date function code and replace the one you have in your /misc/fns.misc.php:

function get_date($timestamp, $format = "date")
        global $SESSION;
        $diff = $SESSION->conf['timezone']*60;
        $datetime = $timestamp - (date("Z") - $diff) + (date("I") ? 3600 : 0);
        $date = $SESSION->conf['timeformat'] ? date("m/d/Y", $datetime) : date("d/m/Y", $datetime);
        $now = time();
        $now = $now - (date("Z") - $diff) + (date("I") ? 3600 : 0);
        $today = $SESSION->conf['timeformat'] ? date("m/d/Y", $now) : date("d/m/Y", $now);
        $yesterday = $SESSION->conf['timeformat'] ? date("m/d/Y", $now-86400) : date("d/m/Y", $now-86400);
        if ($date == $today)
                $date = 'Today';
        else if ($date == $yesterday)
                $date = 'Yesterday';
        if ( $format == "date" ) {
                return $date;
        elseif ( $format == "time" ) {
                return ($SESSION->conf['timeformat'] ? date("h:i A", $datetime) : date("H:i", $datetime));
        elseif ( $format == "rss" ) {
                date("r", $datetime);
        elseif ( $format == "full" ) {
                return $date.' ' . ($SESSION->conf['timeformat'] ? date("h:i A", $datetime) : date("H:i", $datetime));
// End function

This solution can be multi-language friendly if you use $LANG['core']['today'] instead of just 'Today'.
But don't forget to add $LANG to the 'global $SESSION' line.
By the way, you can set more appropriate date formatting for your country by using, for example, "d.m.Y" instead of "d/m/Y" inside this function if it's ok for you.



  • Posted on 07/16/2010 12:22 PM
Any idea how to add it in the CP? Because there I know somebody was here today, but I need to know the hour :-)


  • Posted on 06/18/2009 09:59 AM
good tutorial ... thanks a lot ...

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