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Have you found some inappropriate user entered data and want to correct, erase it?
Tired of searching for member, blog entry, event in CP?
Do it once again, please. One last time.
Here are steps for event editing:
1. Open your CP-Manage Events - Find that event end open for editing.
Copy url you see at browser address bar.


as you see 1960 is member's id and 82 is event's id.
All you need is to place that link at front end page, and display it only for admins.
2. Open your front end tpl file, in our case it's events_details.tpl and add your link replacing actual numbers with template variables: {member_id} and {event_id}

<!-- IF session.can_access_cp -->
<a href="{virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=membersevents&p=edit&id={member_id}&sid={event_id}" target="_blank">Edit event</a>
<!-- ENDIF -->

I also added target="_blank" attribute to link, so link will be open in new browser's tab/window.
It's good practice to place it to actions list, right under Join event link. Don't forget to put <li>yourlink</li> so it looks better in actions list.
This way you can add links to edit member profile, picture description etc. You can share your links in this post's comments. Though remember, that links syntax can be changed from version to version.



  • Posted on 12/23/2011 02:09 AM
I added a text block, only to be shown to admin, wich shows all the details, including email, comments, etc,...


  • Posted on 12/23/2010 09:01 AM
Thanks Ramil
What about editing blog comments. I think I got the {member_id} and {entry_id} in the right places but not sure. Not sure what to put after cid=.
This didn't work, so what did I do wrong?
<a href="{virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=membersblog&p=editcomment&id={member_id}&sid={entry_id}&cid=2675" target="_blank">Edit comment</a>


  • Posted on 12/23/2010 08:07 AM
For blog it's {entry_id}
And don't forget to put a space before target...


  • Posted on 12/23/2010 07:32 AM
great idea, but I must be doing something wrong. I wanted to do this for blogs. Below is my code.
<!-- IF session.can_access_cp -->
<a href="{virtual_cp_path}index.php?m=membersblog&p=edit&id={member_id}&sid={blog_id}"target="_blank">Edit event</a>
<!-- ENDIF -->
I got the following message when I clicked the link:
"Invalid entry ID".
I tried both {blog_id} and {event_id}
What am I doing wrong Ramil?

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