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Seems that vldcrowd has become a dream for spammers.
have not been here for a long time now and when I logged in, I see.
Seems that this site has been abandoned and no activity at all.
sad because when the previous owner took care of the site was a hive of activity here.
I say hello to all my friends here and feel free to comment ;)
wish you all luck and success of your vldpersonals projects.
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Vldpersonals forum.

10/30/2012 04:34 AM
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Hey guys Vldpersonals forum is down and I guess it depends on the storm Sandy.
I don´t know how long it takes before it starts up again, so in the meantime, you are welcome to ask me instead and I'll try to give you the support you need.
( Vldpersonals forum is working again)
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If you had get spamcomments on your profile and need to delete it use this url
http://www.vldcrowd.com/account/guestbook/ and now you can delete it.
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VldMods wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I´m back after the end of this year 2011 and make more tutorials
and we hope 2012 will be a great year for us vldPersonals owner ;)
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For a limited time vldPersonals are offering a 40% discount for personal and commercial licenses. Simply enter this coupon HOLIDAYS2012 when checking out to take advantage of this offer. It’s that easy ;)

Thinking of running multiple sites? Take advantage of our 40% discount for vldPersonals unlimited license upgrade which allows you to install vldPersonals on unlimited number of domains. Simply enter this coupon HOLIDAYS2012 when checking out. If you’re an existing client, you may upgrade your license in the client area . Simply click on your license and then on (Account Addons - Click to view available addons) link.
This is a limited time offer, coupon expires on January 3rd so act. fast!
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don´t forget ...

09/26/2011 01:05 PM
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I get this video today from a friend on facebook and will share it for you … so please don’t forget michael jackson and the mother earth … I will not !
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Include a Browser Detection

09/08/2011 06:26 AM
1593 4 2 View Entry
Stop using Microsoft's IE6 web browser, says Microsoft
and I agree we don´t need to support our site for ie6 anymore !
Now you can tell your members they had a very old webbrowser and need to update.

I made a tutorial how to make this script working for vldpersonals.
Insert the code right after the <body> tag in your header.tpl (in the middle of the page)
and unzip this file to your /includes/js/ folder.
<!--[if lte IE 6]><script src="includes/js/ie6/warning.js"></script><script>window.onload=function(){includes/("js/ie6/")}</script><![endif]-->

and of course you can change the images/icons/messages to your own need ;)
more translation here.
originalpost here.
The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown page :)
they had another script to tell people update to newer ie browser.
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My birthday

08/28/2011 01:41 PM
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today it is my birthday :)
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recommend mods

08/23/2011 02:03 PM
928 1 0 View Entry
If you have a mod and will sell it here or on vldmods plese read this !
(if you need to have a recommend this mod send me a messages)
My point is I will try mods and see if it´s working and if it does I will make a list for recommend this mods here on vldcrowd and on vldmods.
Every day people ask me about mods. Sorry I can´t recommend mods then it is no demo or I don´t know if someone had try this mods. Hope you understand my point ;)
That do you think guys have I wrong or it is a good idea ?
now I´m tired and must go to sleep :)
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Auto update copyright date !

01/18/2011 05:14 AM
1931 1 4 View Entry
I had figure out how to auto update the copyright date in footer on my site.
if you have a commercial license you can change this code !
Example: Say you have this on your footer.tpl:
Copyright © 2007 – 2010 yoursite.com, All Rights Reserved
but now it is 2013 and you will auto update it every year !
Insert and replace you old copyright code with this one:
Copyright &copy; yoursite.com 2007-<?php echo date('Y') ?> All Rights Reserved.

if you done this right you should now see this copyright text !
Copyright © 2007 – 2013 yoursite.com, All Rights Reserved.
Every year it will auto update the new year. Hope it can help someone.
and change 2007 to the year you start you dating site :)
read more about a local time/date function
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