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I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .
Enjoy to be together with your families.
Greetings from little Sweden ;)

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Have a nice Christmas & Happy New Year my friends.
This will be my last post this year:
Google has recently updated and released this beginner's guide to search engine optimization. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide are going through important things you should think about to get better rankings on search engine like Google.
Take a look at the 32-page version PDF version here.
Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .

how to make a christmas card
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I will ask a question about join now logo ...
if I have a site with a join now logo:
example: join_now.png
but how to make it multi languages ...
so then we change sites languages it even change the logo ..
okey why do this ? if I have a logo images with text inside it ...
it should be very nice if it will be switched then we change languages.
maybe I have a logo with text "join now" (english)

but in swedish we call it "Bli medlem" (swedish)

or make 2 png images one with the hearth and one with the text and overlapping them .
I know it can be done with css but I can´t find a good tutorial how to do ...
and again how to make it work with multi languages ?
"joinnow" =>
"<img src=media/join_now.png border=0>",
I know it will work in some scripts but not sure if it work for vldpersonals ?
someone knows how to do this ... or can give me a idea how to do ... I hope so ...
I try to find another solution for this the css will not work for me
First upload 2 images to your sites /media/ folder ...
I did 2 images ... english_joinfree.png and swedish_joinfree.png ...
Change this in your header.tpl
Before it was:
<div class="join">{anchor:url1="account/register/",url2="index.php?m=account_register",name="Join Now !"</div>
Now change to:
<div class="join">{anchor:url1="account/register/",url2="index.php?m=account_register",name="Join Now !"}<img src="media/{session.language}_joinfree.png" /></div>

Now it is different logos then you switch your languages :)
but now I must found a solution how to style the css for it ..
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08/26/2010 06:01 AM
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we are some guys made/making tutorials/mods for vldPersonals ...
but the most of them is for vldPersonals - 2.5.3 or older ...
but now it is some different coding between 2.5.3 - 2.5.7 so
some tutorials/mods will not work with newer versions of vldPersonals.
okey here is my solution for it after many question from members here ...
I start a new site vldmods to collect all mods on one place.
we together can follow all mods from 2.5.3 - 2.5.7 and newer version and help other to update the mods.
we can discuss the mods and try to help other to get this mods to work with newer version of vldPersonals.
I will try to test all mods in different versions from 2.5.3 - 2.5.7 ...
and tell you if they work with 2.5.3 only or with all versions.
here is one example how I will write about a mod on vldmods.
green online gif
and I will start make this next week ...
if I can make them work with newer version I will try do so ...
I hope you like the idea and welcome to vldmods ...
please don´t post technical question on vldmods we have the vldPersonals forum for that ;)
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jquery step by step form.

08/05/2010 02:40 PM
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I think it should be nice to make this one to step by step form registration page.

I like this one ! I should have it on my own site :) but maybe some of you need it too ...
Should make a tutorial how to do later then I´m back from my holiday ! so be patience ;)
jquery step by step form
here is the demo
but you must click on the button on the top of the page:
Click here to turn this webform into a wizard.
now you get to the right demo ;)
this is another example: it is many example/tutorials out there :)
this is jquery step by step form with validation ...
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Holiday ...

08/02/2010 01:59 PM
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Okey I´m take a vacation (holiday) one months now.
Some people like facebook :) but not me ... I´m here every day instead :)
I try to help you so much I can, but now I must take little time with my family.
I wish you all a good summer ... and a great holiday ...
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Web Directory Script

07/27/2010 01:58 PM
1428 0 1 View Entry
Some people had ask me if I know a good web directory script ...
a member tell me he found one and I think I should share it here ...
Arfooo Directory is the most powerful free and open source directory script in the world.
Developed with latest technologies : MVC architecture, PHP 5 (OOP), Javascript / Ajax (jQuery) and uses UTF8 encoding.
Download it, test it and adopt it as hundreds of webmasters worldwide.
free directory scripts !
license !
I found free themes for it here:
themes !
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Translate to multiple languages

07/03/2010 10:48 PM
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I had get this question a few times now I think it´s better I tell you about it here instead :)
you have something like this code:
and you will translate Welcome and You have 1 new message!

<br><font size=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Welcome {session.username}.
<!-- IF {session.newmessages} #=="1" -->
You have 1 new message!

instead of words you must insert new lang strings code instead of:
( Welcome, You have 1 new message! )

<br><font size=2>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;{lang:"custom","total_welcome"} {session.username}.
<!-- IF {session.newmessages} #=="1" -->

open your lang.custom.php (/includes/languages/)
now you can make new lang strings so you can translate it.

"total_welcome" =>
"total_newmessages" =>

translate the word welcome and newmessages.
( and you must do this for all your languages !
I have total_ in this example but of course you can change the name to you own ;)
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How to insert Youtube on vldCrowd

07/03/2010 12:15 PM
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I was just asked by a member here on vldCrowd.
How we can insert a Youtube video into this site.
Instead of answering the question only for him.
I will tell you about it too. Perhaps there is someone else who needs it.
in you webbrowser you can see this code:
copy the code after the last = insert it between the tags


and now you can see the youtube movie here :)
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06/18/2010 07:40 AM
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People had ask me this question a few times ... how to make stats on the frontpage:
I think some of us allready use stats on our sites and some not.
and some people don´t know how to do ...
Maybee you have more stats code.
Please comments it here ... so we can have a better stats code on our sites.

Now I will explain how to do: (the code is ...)
total members:

online members:

example for 2.5.3:
insert the code in your header.tpl or homepage.tpl
find this code:

<div id="sidebar">
...the stats code here ...

here is how I did it on my site (2.5.3)

<div id="sidebar_wrap">
<div id="sidebar">
<br>total members:
<br>online members:
<div class="banner_sidebar">

but on 2.5.5 it is little different
you must insert the code in sidebar.tpl
find {polls:polls=""} in the bottom of the page.
and the code will be like this:

<br>total members:
<br>online members:
<div class="banner">{banners:group="sidebar"}</div>

I use tags <br> so it will be like this:
total members
total online

if you don´t ... it should be like this:
total members total online
some templates has sidebar in header.tpl some in homepage.tpl
and the newer versions of vldpersonals have it in sidebar.tpl
so we can do it in different way but only ask and I try to explain how !
I had try the code in both 2.5.3 and 2.5.5 and know it´s working !
I had try to get man/woman stats to working but no success with it.
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