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vldCrowd Newsletter for Feb 10, 2010

Hello all. Lets get caught up on some of the important issues since our last newsletter.

1. Maybe the most important update since the last newsletter is that Ramil/Radioact is now part of the customization team at vldPersonals. Not sure how many of you have put a ticket in for customization or modification work at vldPersonals, but basically you n… Read all

vldCrowd Newsletter for Jan 23, 2010

Lets get started with some thoughts from the latest blogs on vldCrowd

1. I have seen this request before and there was one posted on vldCrowd about the Dark Yellowish Template. It is a very popular template but when 2.5.5 came out, it no longer was part of the template gallery. If anyone has adapted the Dark Yellowish template to work with 2.5.5, … Read all

vldCrowd Newsletter - Jan 01, 2010

In 2009 vldPersonals grew both as a dating script and with additional websites specializing in vldPersonal coding. We saw the launching of vldCrowd in 2009 which gave vldPersonal users another avenue for discussion and feedback. We also saw the talents of Inatmo emerge with vldPeronal templates at http://www.luvpoint.com/. Look for these sites in 2010 to b… Read all

vldCrowd Newsletter - Dec 4, 2009

Hello fellow vldCrowders. Thought we would send you some highlights from the postings on vldCrowd. We appreciate everyone who parcticipates.

Before I get to the highlights, thought I would ask the following question.

If you could do one thing to improve vldCrowd website, what would it be???

You can provide your answer by commenting on t… Read all

vldCrowd Newsletter - Nov 6, 2009

It has been a little while since we have done a Newsletter so lets get started.

1. Jaya has joined the vldCrowd family. Congratulations to Jaya and his proud mamma and pappa.  Jaya is 2760 gramm and 49cm height. Lets hope she is as smart as her daddy and has the looks of her mother :). We all wish you the best, Ramil.

2. Distinction betwe… Read all

vldCrowd Newsletter - Oct 15, 2009

I had to do some begging =:) but I got Ramil to give me an exclusive interview for this newsletter. I think you will enjoy it.


1. How old were you when you got started into programming/computers?

My parents bought me a computer when I was 13-14 years old. It was a Soviet ZX Spektrum (it's analogue Atari) and it was in e… Read all